Hyku Desesto is an example to us all. Her philosophy in life is to show everything’s best side, always seeing the positive attributes in people, giving second chances, believing in better and continually seeking to expand her network of shiny happy people.

This philosophy translates subconsciously into her photography; she was born to highlight the good in the world, so it is no wonder she does this professionally and to such a high standard. 

Her reputation and skill behind the lens precedes her. She has worked passionately to be where she is now; in just five years her work has helped shape the demand of photography style in the region and her ambition only grows with her success.

As a pre-teen, Hyku was exposed to a great deal of location interview recording and the capturing of breaking and current news events. These seminal years planted the seed of aspiration in Hyku that developed into a passion for capturing moments. She began taking freelance work in her home city of Davao and in Manila, shooting for studios and events, maturing her passion into an accomplished skill. Simultaneously she studied Mass Communications to gain a deeper appreciation of the complexities of sharing and continued to advance her reputation in the Philippines as a photographer with a unique perspective.

Hyku moved to the UAE in 2010 to work for a professional photography studio. Here she leant the subtle nuances of professional portrait photography; working with children and families in often challenging circumstances. She took the time to develop her natural affinity with people by applying it to a wide range of ages and nationalities; quickly learning how to work with individuals to dismantle tension and take images of genuine smiles with praised results.

In late 2011, she began to establish her company and herself as a brand. Hyku D Photography rapidly gained a network of loyal clients and fans, owing to her unique approach to a traditionally male dominated industry. Her warm, effortless interpersonal skills and her sharing of professional and private life through her blog separate her from the crowd. By frequently updating her network of her exploits, Hyku is able to connect with her clients and fans and allow them to follow her through the excitement that is a day in the life of Hyku Desesto.

Hyku D Photography is a well-established and respected brand in the UAE. Holding accounts with international boutique brands, marketing consultancies, communications firms and bespoke events production houses. Hyku holds personal brand ambassadorships with Stylist Arabia, Nokia, Puma, Nestle and Fishtail Rides. Hyku D Photography holds preferred vendor positions with Galeries Lafayette, Level Shoes, MMI, Dubai Ladies Club and Brag Events to name a few.

We are going from strength to strength, but we really prefer to let our work speak for itself. 

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